Online ColdFusion Meetup

The Online ColdFusion User Group

About the Online ColdFusion Meetup

Thanks for your interest in the Online Coldfusion Meetup. This Adobe Groups page is more of a placeholder. Most information and activity for the group takes place on our long-standing site (hosted on the service,, hence the naming of this group). This Adobe groups site does offer the calendar of our upcoming events below (once posted, which may not happen until the week before the meeting.)

For more information on the Online ColdFusionMeetup, see the about page here on Adobe Groups or on the main site.

Note also that the count of members here is not the count of all members in the group: only those who have signed up here on the Adobe group site. There are over 2,400 members who have signed up via the site.

Upcoming Events (usually weekly, published usually a week in advance)